How can I ensure that I don't have a remodeling nightmare?

While no one can really see into the future, experience has told us that the best way to have a successful remodeling project is planning, planning and planning!  That’s where we come in.

Our staff has years of experience designing, planning and executing the project from start to completion.

What type of bathroom projects should I consider?

From large Master Bathroom makeovers to small powder room upgrades, we can transform your outdated bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.  

  • WALK-IN tubs
  • TUB-TO SHOWER conversions
  • ENLARGE your Master SHOWER
  • Granite or Quartz VANITY TOPS
  • SOLID SURFACE shower or tub WALLS
  • Replacement of those POLISHED BRASS faucets & shower door

What makes a successful remodeling project?

There are four basic components to a successful remodeling project:

  • First the design needs to work both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Second the products need to be from quality manufactures with solid warranties.
  • Thirdly the installation crews need to be experienced and professional
  • Lastly and most importantly, the whole project needs to be coordinated so that all of the pieces come together in the right order.  The number one cause of “nightmare” projects is the lack of products or materials available to finish the job in a timely manner.  Coordination is the key.

What type of return on my investment should I expect when remodeling?

That certainly depends upon the extent of the project; See the COST vs VALUE Report under our "Helpful Resources" tab on this page. This annual report compiled by “© 2009 Hanley Wood, LLC. Reproduced by permission. Complete city data from the Remodeling 2009–10 Cost vs. Value Report can also be downloaded free at”

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